Beginner Blogger Introduction

IMG_1430Writing is freedom of expression, having the ability to put my thoughts and feelings into written work allowing others to grasp and dive inside my own thought processes. This is something which is so significant; to not only learning about yourself but being able to visually see your own ways of thinking and being able to make changes where necessary.

This is my first attempt at writing in a way which is presentable for others to read. Being able to put together a written piece in such a way that flows and is direct to the way in which I intend. To some people, this can be easy but this isn’t such a simple task for myself, I have always thought my mind as being very sporadic. There hasn’t been much order to my life not only in my head but my surroundings, I kind of like my life to be that way however each lifestyle has its own pros and cons. It seems to be we come across those who are organized and seem to have everything in check, paying bills on time, being early to appointments and eating avocados on toast in the morning. We then come across people like me, who suffer from procrastination syndrome, wakes up at 12pm and enjoys the junk food that our economy supplies us with. I haven’t figured out why that is the case but many theories try to explain this bizarre divide in human behaviour.

Links have been found between those that enjoy late nights to be very creative in many areas and that is apparent in my own life, I love to stretch, sculpt and create new pieces of work and my mind is incredibly imaginative. That being said my procrastination fights its ways through my life blocking my potential to expand and I can’t blame anyone but myself.

My intention with this piece of writing is to introduce myself, introduce my writing and my personality. I find it’s very important when reading blogs, books or articles to have a connection with either a character or the author and that is want I want from my audience is to have a connection with me through my writing. There is something so interesting about the way we connect with others, we are immensely emotional beings and it’s something which keeps us moving on. We have surrounded ourselves which such materialistic personalities in this fake world that the only piece of magic we have is ‘this connection’. The technology we have beyond incredible and as much as it is amazing we have lost ourselves, what we are living in currently is a new way of living and for me, It wouldn’t be the one I would choose.

I have many opinions and views which I feel should be expressed and I would like people to read and comment. As I have come across many writers who I feel expressed themselves in such a way where I was able to grasp the mind of the reader and comment on the points made. I feel so strongly about writing and others being able to connect with words which I have put together. This is the reason why I have started to do publicly post my writing. I think of it as my own personal platform, most of my writing will be about my thoughts and feelings on specific topics, also combined with a biography of myself. Writing for me is expression and reflection at the same time. I have been meaning to start a blog for a long time and due to circumstances in my life, I feel as though this is the perfect time to start.